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This page will be devoted to my history, or as Gerry suggested I call it my reincatnation page.  It is common knowledge that cats live in a nine life sequence.  This is one of the reasons why cats are so laid back and calm. Even when we face what human's call "the worst", death,  we cats know that our current life is but a part of our nine life cycle.

I thought I would begin this page by giving a brief history of the lives in my current cycle.  Of course I don't remember everything about these lives.  If I did, it would make things too difficult, since I'm really supposed to focus on what I'm doing in this life, but I do remember some very definite flickers from my past lifes.  Together they constitute my history.

Life 1

I lived in a cave in this first life, I don';t know just where it was, things weren't too civilized back then.  I was a very large male cat in that life.  I was very strong and fought many battles, until I was killed in a fight against three other cats, they ambushed me and didn't fight fair, three against one.  Well to be honest, I didn't always fight fair myself since I was often much larger than my opponents, but I rarely killed other cats, I just liked to tease them and give them a good lesson.  I'm embarrassed now how primitive I behaved during that life.  I did many things then that I would never do now.  I've learned that all of that fighting and posturing are not necessary, that love can replace so many other lesser things.  My lives have really been a lesson in learning to grow in using love in all circumstances.

Life 2
This time I lived in Atlantis.  It was a rather ordinary life, but Atlantis was such an exciting place.  I lived very near the seashore in that life. I was all black except for a white spot on the tip of my tail, and I wasn't quite the right cat shape.  In Atlantis things were not quite physical in the same way they are here, but I was definitely a cat.  I thought like a cat and I behaved like a cat.
 Life 3
An Eqyptian temple was my home in my third life.  This was both a very peacefuil and yet exciting life.  The Eqyptians reverenced cats, and oh what a place and time for a cat to be alive.  I learned many things in this life about the universe and how things work, since this was what the Eqyptians studied in their temples..
Life 4
A bad, cold, painful life and very brief, I think I'll just forget about it here.
Life 5
I was a very pretty male calico in this life, and very pampered by an elderly couple.  It was a pleasant life but rather boring in cat adventures, but I learned all about humans in this life, since my companions really loved to talk to me and to one another, and they had many opinionated guests visiting them.  They had no children, but many friends.  When he died, life became very sad for her and I and we both died quickly after that due to sadness.
Life 6
I knew many children in this life, I was a stray cat on the streets of a city, and many different families were always taking care of me, but most of them were too poor to feed another mouth for very long and so I wandered around a lot and had many cat adventures, and raised many kittens.
Life 7
This is my current life as Spirit Devlin.  I think that I like the name that Gerry gave me better than any other name I have ever had.  Gerry named me Spirit because he felt that I picked him out from among all others to be my life companion, and that I could hae only done that with the guidnce of my inner spirit.  He was sure right about that.  Anyway he tried for several days to find just the right name for someone as important to him as I was.  First he tried to find a name that suited my outward appearance.  He tried Daisy and Whitey and Gwen and Spot, and he even tried Fluffy.  I think he was just fooling about that last name. Every name that he came up with, I just ignored, until he found the magic-sounding one, Spirit.  I knew it was the right name for me the very first time that Gerry called me that with his gentle voice. I didn't waste any time letting him know that he had made the right selection. When Gerry says my name it always sounds to me like a soft wind blowing past, even if Gerry is feeling a little cross with me.  And so Spirit has been my name for this lifetime.
Life 8

My Future ?????

Life 9

My Distant Future ???????????????


Life 10 And Beyond

"Aye there's the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have schuffled off this mortal coil.ete."  Shakespeare had it right, for death is the vast unknown that even we cats wonder about. What we cats don't know is exactly what happens beyond our nine life cycle. This is an important topic of cat metaphysics.  I have had quite a good teacher on this subject.  Her name is Fran.  She's a large Persian who has collected much wisdom about the cat universe.  Fran has explained to me what our lives are really all about.  Here is a link to Fran's wisdom in her own words.

Well, that's all I can tell you for now about my history, but I want to leave you with one final thought.  History is about the past and what I am really concerned about is the future.  I speculate, like all cats and I think all humans, about what things will be like for me after my current nine-life cycle, but what I try to spend my time and energy and love on is doing the important tasks of my life right now..  Bye for now from Spirit Devlin

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