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When this webpage was accepted into the Circle of the Blue Star webring, we met the ring's administrator who turned out to be such a nice guy and a very busy poet.  He, and the feline members of his family have been very supportive of my web literary efforts. All of this literary encouragement has inspired me in a totally new direction. I, Spirit Devlin, have just written my very first poem.  I know, I can't believe it either, but I woke up one morning and there it was.
So, dedicated to Jay, here is my first poem.

Purrrr went the cat.
Purrrrr went the cat.
Purr went the cat.
Now, what do you think of that?

-- Copyright 1998 by Spirit Devlin

Ah once the creative juices start to flow there is no stopping them!
I've already written my second poem.
Here it is:

Rose are Red
Violets are Purple
Come and have Dinner
And then we'll Burple.

Above was a Poem
Written by Spirit
Read it out Loud
And then you'll hear It.

Spirit's not a Poet
But she doesn't know It.

- Copyright 1998 by Spirit Devlin and Rita Wondrak


My friend Rita caught a little of the creative spirit herself.  She wrote the last two lines of the poem, so I'm sharing credit with her.  She said that she really likes my poetical work, but just could resist adding those last lines when she typed the poem for me.  She said that everyone will know it's a joke, and see how modest I can be. I hope she's right, anyway the poem rhymes so well with those last two lines, I just have to leave them in, they belong there.

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