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Fellow web citizens, it has become a tradition in our community to honor and to acknowledge pleasure and enlightment received, by the mutual bestowing and receiving of awards among the members of the web community.  In this spirit, we here at DEVLIN87 wish to honor those of our fellow webcitizenry who have provided more than a fair measure of wisdom and joy to us.  To do this, we have created our very own


award, to be presented to those laudable websites deemed especially worthy.

- Jerry Bookworm

I left this page's introduction to Jerry, since he is so good at the formal things, but perhaps I had better explain.  I have seen so many wonderful pages on the web, that it only seemed right to direct you dear reader to these wonderful offerings.  To do this, I designed a special award, the Spirit's Seal of Appreciation to honor these special sites. Please note that the picture shown above is only a temporary version of the award. Rita, who is in charge of our graphics here at devlin87, is having problems with her software. I'll just have to tell you what my award will really look like. It will have a flower with petals and a dark blue ribbon (my favorite color).

I am now ready to award my very first Spirit's Seal of Appreciation award.
And the winner is: ?????
(just trying to add a little suspense to the presentation)
scroll down please

The Virtual Dessert Machine

Well you probably guessed the winner yourself.  Who could resist this delightful site.  It has something for everyone.  The Breyers company invites you to make your very own ice cream treat at their site.  You can select from such a large variety of ingredients that you could have a virtual dessert every single day and never have a duplicate dessert in a whole lifetime.  I use this site when I wish to bestow a special present on a loved one.  Gerry especially enjoys getting my little desserts, since he doesn't even have to worry about the calories.  Gerry's always worrying about those pesky little things.  And mom, these luscious desserts don't even produce cavities, so your children can have as many as they want. Because of all these reasons, and about 137 more, which is the exact number of virtual desserts which I have personnally consumed while researching worhty award receipients, I hereby present the very first Spirit's Seal of Appreciation to the Breyer's Virtual Dessert Machine.  Check it out for yourself.

                 The Virtual Dessert Machine

Another site will now be honored with the Spirit's Seal of Appreciation  award.
We are granting this award to a very special cat and his very special site.
His site is a delightful example of how a cat can provide a superb home for himself in cyberspace.
Our award goes to that wonderful cat, and lover of lasagna, Garfield.

Garfield Online
(The Official Garfield Homepage)

This is the ultimate cat site, the cattiest one ther is!  Garfield can be comfortable anywhere and has shown us other cats how to settle down and be comfy in cyberspace.  This site is huge.  Garfield's life has had many facets and his web home reflects this with its many features.  Our favorite here at Devlin87 is the top ten lists.  Check them and the rest of the site out.  Allow plenty of time, there's lots to see and enjoy.

                             Garfield Online

Another site will now be honored with the Spirit's Seal of Appreciation  award.

The very special site that we would like to honor is the CmdBond and Scruffy's Place.  This site features Scruffy and his friend Alan Kelley.  Scruffy and Alan give you a tour of their place and introduce you to all of their friends.  As they say, "there is always something going on at the Dog House".  The site is a wonderful example of how the IRL (In Real Life) experiences of some very special people can be expressed on the web.  We are delighted to give our Spirit Seal of Appreciation to this really wonderful site because this is the same goal that we are trying to reach here at devlin87.  Oh yes, there's another reason that we like the site so well, Scruffy is very photogenic, almost as much as I am, and Alan does look just like my beloved Gerry, with a beard.  There both soo cute!..

           CmdBond and Scruffy's Place

 And here we get to show off an award we have received for this site.
Footstep of Excellence Award


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